We use cookies to store information on your computer, or any other device. This Policy describes how we use such cookies. We reserve the right to modify or amend this Policy with appropriate notification to the Users. The modified or amended version of the Policy will be effective as soon as it replaces the preceding versions of this Policy. To ensure that you have updated information about our use of the cookies, you are advised to read this Policy on the regular basis. If you don’t want to consent to our use of the cookies, you should either disable cookies or let us know when we request you to accept our cookies policy. In both cases, you may not be able to use this Website with full features.

What is Cookie?

A cookie is a text-only string of information sent by a website to the cookie file of the browser on the computer or device so that the Website may memorize certain information about the user and his activities on the Website. It recognizes a returning user and remembers certain information about their current visit or repeat visit. Such information may include the pages the visitors have visited, choices they have made, time and date of the visits, and any data the user has entered into forms.

Kind of Cookies

There are two main classes of cookies:

Session cookies:

Session cookies have short memories and life. They expire at the end of the current browsing session. When a visitor leaves the website, the session cookies cease to exist on the computer. The session cookies intend to provide the visitor with an efficient and smooth browsing experience. They are actually essential ingredients to facilitate the visitors using the website. The sessions cookies make the website remember the user’s activities during their page to page navigation in a single browsing session. For example, when a user selects an item, the session cookies remember their selection and make it visible in the online shopping basket.

Persistent cookies:

The persistent cookies are stored on the user’s computer or other devices the certain period such cookies are programmed for. They allow the website to recognize the visitor every time they return and remember their preferences and choices to tailor future services accordingly.

Furthermore, there are other cookies sent by the third parties, we have no direct control over their functions. The visitors are advised to determine the pros and cons of the cookies sent by such third parties before allowing them to be stored on your computer.

Our Cookies:

We use session cookies and persistent cookies for efficient and smooth operation. We aim to ensure the authenticity of the user. Our cookies maintain the security and verification of the user details during the course of their use of the Website and User Account. Our cookies also record the page to page navigation of the user making the user keep going back and forth on the Website without re-entering details each time.

The persistent cookies help us analyze and know the behavior and trends of the users and their choices and preferences. They also enable us to operate properly in the provision of services and enhance its functions. There may be third-party cookies for advertisement or other useful content. We own no liability for the cookies sent by the third parties. The users are requested to check the cookies policy of the third parties.

Cookies for analysis:

We use persistent cookies set by our third-party providers, Google etc. to recognize, record visit counts of our website, geographical distribution of users and other relevant information such as duration and route the visitors. Such information helps us improve the way the Website works.

Cookies for advertisements:

There are certain cookies that are used to advertise third-party content on the Website. We allow such cookies to function with the belief that they are helpful to the users. However, we have no control over such cookies. The users are requested to ensure that it is safe to use or rely upon such advertisements. We are not liable for the truthfulness of such advertisements.

How to refuse cookies:

The user can set the browser to deny access of incoming cookies. The user can delete the cookies previously stored in the computer or other devices at any time. Some of the cookies are essential to the functioning and performance of our operation, the users may not be able to enjoy the full potential of our services if they stop our cookies to settle in the user’s computer. Therefore, we request you to allow our cookies to use the potential of our services in full.


If you have any query relating to the Cookies Policy, you are welcomed to contact us via:

Email: [email protected]