GDPR holds us responsible to use User Information to provide EEA User a greater control and access to their information. We are also required by GDPR to use the User Information for legitimate purposes only. If you are EEA User, we represent that we will only use your User Information for purposes recognized by the GDPR.

EEA User refers to a user who is resident or citizen of EEA member country and has rights under the GDPR (EU directives 2016/679) and other applicable laws. Under GDPR, an EEA User may request us:

  1. to provide them access to their User Information;
  2. to allow access to their User Information to rectify their information;
  3. to erase their User Information permanently from our system at any time;
  4. to transfer their User Information from Coinsmat to another entity specified by you in writing;
  5. to provide you with details as to how we are using your information;
  6. to stop using their User Information; and
  7. that they are withdrawing their consent and approval to use their User Information that they have given at the time of creating their User Account or at any stage (Such withdrawal will not tantamount to withdrawal ab-initio.

Being an EEA User, you may contact us in case of any query or make any request at any time. Mr. Andew Kate is responsible to handle all requests under GDPR:

EMAIL: [email protected]