We respect your rights to your funds. This refund policy defines how we entertain your refund requests. This refund policy exclusively governs your cryptocurrency investment. We don’t entertain any refund request or any request to intervene the user-to-user cryptocurrency transfers unless we, in our own discretion, stop any transaction where we believe in good faith that the transaction is made in violation of any applicable laws or our policies. We are committed to using our best efforts to entertain any refund requests when they are made in accordance with this policy. We may modify or change this Policy at any time with appropriate notification. In case you don’t agree to the amended policy or any part thereof, you may stop using our Website and all services available thereon.


We entertain all qualified refund requests within the shortest possible time. By qualified refund requests, we refer refunds requests that meet the criteria formulated hereunder. If you fail to meet the refund criteria, we may decline your requests. All refund requests must be made on the prescribed form that you may obtain from the support. Before processing refund requests, we review the user information to determine if it is in compliance with the KYC/AML Policy. We may request you to provide the same if any information is missing from your User Account. We will process any refund if we are unable to verify the user. The time required to process your refund request varies. In all cases, we will keep the relevant User posted.

We have our internal dispute resolution support in case a User has any dispute as to any transaction. You are requested to contact us prior to making any chargeback request. Nothing in the preceding provisions shall affect the User’s right under any third party agreement against any banking/financial service provider or any party. We will conduct an investigation of any chargeback request and will inform the User’s bank the outcomes of such investigation. During the course of the chargeback investigation, we may withhold the user’s available funds. We initiate, proceed and conduct all procedures in good faith. We expect the reciprocity from the User that they shall make all requests in good faith.



Refund requests must be:

  1. Made using the prescribed Refund Form with all required information and sending the same to the support.
  2. Not be made after 3 Days of the package/plan activation which is subject to the refunds; and
  3. By the user who has not verified their identity when required by us.


Within 5-7 business days of the refund request, we will contact the User to verify certain information and may require to submit any document verifying the identity of the User. The User is requested to comply with our request within 7 days of such request. We will notify you of the outcome of your refund request through email registered with us. We reserve the right to decline the refund requests in the following cases:

  1. Refund request is not made in the prescribed form;
  2. User’s failure to submit requested information within the prescribed time;
  3. Fraudulent activities, misconduct, prohibited use of this Website tracked under the User Account leading to suspension and termination of account or withholding available funds; and
  4. Refund request is made after 3 days of the package/plan activation.

The User will be responsible for all costs incurred on the refund processing and agree that we may deduct the same from the available funds in the User’s account.

In case of any query with reference to refund policy or refund requests, please contact us through:

Email: [email protected]